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Revisiting the old alloy system


Create a material system that would be usable for more than just weapons systems in a game format.  Optimally, this system could be used as a base material system that dictates item volume, mass, and other stats that may be relevant in future implementations of this system.

Design goals:

Describe volume, mass, melting point, bounce, folds, heat cycles, and health

Calculate density, hardness, color, and rank

Enable the act of ingot fusion

Enable the act of ingot splitting

Enable ingot folding

Enable ingot cycling

Enable controlled randomization

Reuse the color signalling originally developed with the original alloy generation system

Ingot Icon

Things that are done:

Build the foundation of the ingot class with the ingot data

Default ingot initializer

Ingot random initializer (field trial purpose)

Getters and setters

Ingot fusion system

Ingot splitting system

Ingot folding system

Ingot tempering system

Color generation system

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