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A game that can make itself.

Take the crafting system found in many different games already available.  Focus down on a direct implications in a fantasy RPG type world, and then explode it with freedoms.  That's the entire philosophy of this current game, Swords of Tower Valhalla.  The tough challenge was to figure out a system that would enable players to have a better perceived feeling of freedom with their play, especially with item crafting. 


Yet the flip side of this issue is the problem that with the more item outcomes in a crafting system, the more item assets need to be created by an asset team.  This can have an immense snowballing effect of work for any weapons design teams in any game, even more with a single man team that covers all bases with a ruthless aversion to asset packs.  To address this problem, why not have players just work with the base parts and build a simple system to work around the parts.  Now we have a game that is nearing the polishing stages of development prior to a potential release to Steam.  

One thing I love the most about this game, every player at any time can make a weapon in this game, and have 4x10^64 potential outcomes.  Yet, the assets required for such potential only took a few months to put together for a single person.

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Capture_2-18(First Sword BP whooooooooooo)
Capture_3-19(Testing Blade and Handle models2)
Capture_3-20(Deceptively easy)
Capture_3-19(Tribute to the first)
Capture_3-19(Testing Blade and Handle models)
Capture_3-22(Workshop ready and planning next steps)
Capture_3-27(Back on track again)
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