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Your Ship Awaits

My current project, Your Ship Awaits, is a game I am throwing together with the goal to learn C++ on my own and release a simple-ish game to both Steam and Google Play.  An additional reason behind the development of this game is to test out a slightly different style of gaming, merging Japanese visual novel story telling with space simulator type environment.  Using a first person point of view layout the core mechanic of the game is to allow the player to feel as if he/she is the "General" of their own spaceship.

The story places the player in the boots of General Dusty Striker, aka The Dusty Hammer of the Asgard, as the political and military balance of Solar System is thrown into chaos.  Each decision the player makes has the weight to alter the outcome of the game, where politics can lead to war and war can lead to politics.  With friends and family caught in the middle of an interstellar power play, what will The Dusty Hammer of the Asgard do?

Currently there is no release date set due to a lack of time for the project.  The goal is to have Book 1 of the project put out on the Google Play Store before 2019.  

Thanks! Message sent.

Questions, Critiques, Recommendations or Requests?

Feel free to contact me regarding the status of my project, and to offer your input on my work.  Input on how to improve the content is always very much appreciated, at the current stage there are many details I still don't like and constantly push to improve.

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