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Bridge design revision 1 perspective view (version scrapped)
Bridge design revision
Bridge design revision 1 left lean forward screen view
Bridge design revision 1
Bridge design revision 1 left conversation

Bridge Design

Due to the first person point of view nature of the game being developed I needed to either draw or model a bridge design that would fit the needs of the game environment that I was building.  Through this process, I'm going through multiple iterations of similar designs to find a visual and aesthetic balance that players can understand and appreciate.  The biggest obstacle is how to position each of the bridge assets to perpetuate the perspective feel of standing at the back of a long room with a theater type screen projecting multiple windows of different views and status screens, something on the dimension of a massive computer screen controlled by the captain through commands to lower officers.  The intended design is to have the highest rank officer in the room (Player) be in the very back center of the room overviewing the entire operation and any sub operations within the ship's sphere of influence.  From the player's position the next highest rank NPCs run their spheres of command over left and right sides of the ship with two additional npcs running command over other major operations that are necessary for the ship.  This simple entry into the concept has been the source of headaches for weeks, and multiple scrapped versions of the very bridge pictured (scrapped).  The color scheme was chosen as a visual aid for myself to justify the location of different assets in the option that I redraw the entire layout in 2D but that concept was also scrapped due to the massive asset files that would render the game too big for Android devices.  The goal of this design is to force the player to direct their focus to different npcs near their position to emulate an immersive feeling of command.  

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